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From London: Stonehenge Half-Day Tour with Audio Guide


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From London: Stonehenge Express Half-Day Morning Tour


stonehenge Windsor castle and bath from London

London: Stonehenge, Windsor, and Bath Day Trip by Bus



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London: Full-Day Windsor, Stonehenge, and Oxford Tour


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London: Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath, and Roman Baths Day Trip



From London: Stonehenge & Roman Baths Full-Day Trip



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Stonehenge Tour: Types of Tours

  • Stonehenge Tour by Bus

Discover Stonehenge and the city of Bath on the Stonehenge guided tour from London by bus. The most memorable stop is the Neolithic circle known as Stonehenge, which has held people’s minds for quite some time. Then, in the meantime, we will pass through the fields to reach the city of Bath. While riding on the Stonehenge tour bus, you will have the extra leeway to explore this amazing city and, if you decide to visit the Roman baths, go back in history to discover this ancient Roman rest area and refurbishment.

  • Stonehenge Tour from London

Experience one of the UK’s most famous and secret attractions on this Stonehenge tour from London! The tour of Stonehenge will involve travelers departing from Central London by bus to avoid the crowds and will have to decide between a morning or evening visit. When you arrive, you can explore the tourist community with many long-lasting and endless exhibitions, a supermarket, and a bistro. From here, the vehicle will take you to the stones of a real Stonehenge.

  • Combo: Stonehenge and Windsor Castle Tour

On this combo of Stonehenge and Windsor Castle tour, partake of the treasures of Windsor Castle, the home of emperors and rulers for over a thousand years. Explore the ancient Stonehenge scene and the amazing history and design of Oxford on this amazing tour of the United Kingdom! 

When you meet your assistant and visit the masses in London, you can easily walk inside the glamorous advisor with free WiFi! Nestled on the Thames, the main station, Windsor Castle, has become the home of 39 emperors and is the longest-running royal palace in the world. Check out the beautiful State Apartments, adorned with the canvases of Rembrandt, Rubens, and Canaletto, and visit St. Petersburg. 

Henry VIII’s resting place, George’s Chapel of the fourteenth century, was when the burial places of the ten emperors were in harmony. After that, you can visit Stonehenge, one of the most famous ancient sites in Europe. Take a step inside the Neolithic Houses and visit the high-profile presentation and focus of tourists, exhibiting over 250 antiques and treasures. Finally, join a guided tour of one of the world’s most famous urban college communities, Oxford! Full of history, awe-inspiring design, and medieval masterpieces, it touches the back door with stone and overlooks the Bridge of Sighs, Trinity College, the Ashmolean Museum, and the Sheldonian Theater.

  • Full Combo: Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge Tour

Get out of London and get out of the city on your cool coach to Grand Windsor Castle. The home of the British Royal Family for the longest time and the venue for the 2018 Royal Wedding, Windsor is the largest and most established palace in the world and is widely considered one of England’s leading. 

Explore the most luxurious State Apartments and St. George’s Chapel at this full combo of Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge tour with your assistant and learn about the fascinating history of the palace and its heritage. Continue along with the green Wiltshire scene to Stonehenge, a variety of rocks from these rugged plains near Salisbury long ago. This old stone circle is still the site of some of the most important landmarks and continues to capture the creative minds of the many guests you invite every year. Why the stones are placed here and why they are given is always confidential. However, navigate the site to have fun and choose for yourself why these stones have deep roots here. Browse guest content to find out more about the history of this ancient, private site. 

During your visit, join the free smart guide and special VOX headsets for this tour. Then, return to your mentor and proceed to Bath, famous for its beautiful Georgian design and often thought to be the most beautiful city in England. Follow your assistant on an all-encompassing journey through Bath and be captivated by the city’s amazing streets and backyards, capturing your destination with a camera as you go. You will see Bath Abbey and the highly acclaimed Pulteney Bridge, on display at Ponte Vecchio in Florence. During the tour, you will see the famous Roman baths of the city, a protected area of the Roman spa from the ancient world. Towards the end of your time in Bath, head back to London Coach Station in London, where your road trip ends.

Stonehenge Tour Price 2022

  • The Stonehenge Tour by Bus Price: From £58.00 and onwards (per person). The best value for money and price and It includes premium coach transfers.
  • The Stonehenge tour from London Price: From £72 onwards (per person). It includes premium coach return transfers from London to Stonehenge.
  • Tour of Stonehenge and Windsor Castle in combination Price: From £104.00 and up (per person). Our coaches have free Wi-Fi*. Enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on guidebooks at Stonehenge.
  • Full Combo: Windsor Castle, Bath, and Stonehenge Tour: From £122.55 and up (per person) Free Wi-Fi On Board Our Coaches and return transfer.

Note: The costs shown here include the discount. Verification costs will be higher if you decide to pay on the day you visit.

Stonehenge Opening Times 2022

The Stonehenge opening times are from Monday through Sunday.

  • During the sluggish season (January to March and November to December), from 9:30 to 17:00.
  • During shoulder season (April to May and September to October), the initial times are from 9:00 to 19:00.

If it’s not too much trouble, remember that the last section is conceivable two hours before shutting down. The tickets are planned for a 30-minute window.

Things to Know Before You Arrive

Visit mysterious gems and learn how to make the most of your trip to this mysterious attraction in the UK.

Book your tickets in advance and secure your place on the Stonehenge tour.

There is a great need in the summer months to complement the prehistoric stone formations in Stonehenge, and people come from all over the world. Due to the site’s timely login system, early booking is the only way to ensure that you can visit the museum at the desired time and time.

Plan your date well in advance. Do not transfer everything offered at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is located 88 miles (141 km) west of London (or approximately 2.5 hours) and is likely to completely cover the site in a few hours, depending on how busy it is on the day of your visit. The morning time is often considered the best opportunity to visit, as a significant number of groups are currently unable to emerge at that time. Choose whether you would like to opt for a sophisticated tour—which can reveal insights into Stonehenge’s ancient history and rich magic—or check out the acclaimed Stonehenge Tourist Center, 1.5 miles (2.1 km) from Stone Circle. Present before the expected time to hit groups and use your tour.

Decide on a combination visit. Make the most of your visit by making it around the attractions.

Visitors who want to benefit from their Wiltshire stadium tour can decide to visit the various oppositions that are worth a visit. Explore the UNESCO-listed city of Bath, famous for its beautiful Georgian design; turn past the Cotswolds or cross the Cotswolds to Salisbury Cathedral. You can also visit the memorable city of Windsor, home of Windsor Castle, the real home of the Queen.

Choose a presenter and dress carefully. Confirm basic packaging.

Stonehenge is an impressive sight, and a camera is an undeniable necessity. It is also wise to wear sturdy shoes when walking between the tourist area and Stone Circle, in addition to warm layers, as the weather can change quickly, even in the bright spring months.

About the Stonehenge Tour

Among the numerous unimaginable objects, you can investigate beyond London, there’s maybe none more saturated with legend and fantasy than Stonehenge. Were they outsiders? Is society building a dirty trend? Another hypothesis altogether? No matter what you receive, Stonehenge’s remarkable stone circle is an indisputable requirement. As you plan your most memorable trip to London, you should consider adding a road trip or two to your London schedule. Planning a Stonehenge road trip is a good choice if you like history and legend.

Tourist buses will be an excellent choice to see the different attractions of England in one day. While you just have a Stonehenge transportation tour, many join the neolithic site on a trip to Windsor Castle and Bath. This option is also suitable for people who need a specific road trip. You can find more tours like this at Viator, or check out the Stonehenge Tour site. They will be more common than long, tolerating eleven to twelve hours. Transportation is your second option unless you plan on visiting Stonehenge from London. It is a good decision to dedicate all day to investigating Stonehenge. Transportation takes leave from Victoria Coach Station with a licensed cool advisor (a British word meaning transport). Once you arrive at Stonehenge, you are allowed to deal with your experience as you decide to explore the old area. Viator has many tours you can read about on their site.

A full Stonehenge tour would not have been complete without a visit to the Stone Circle. The neolithic site has transformed the space with exciting exercises to educate and manage this unique landmark feature near individuals. Then check out the visitor center. The setting maintains a list of presentations showing interesting remnants from the time of Stonehenge’s developers. Apart from the Visitor Center, you can look at the five Neolithic houses.

The important part is what travel options you plan on. The four Stonehenge tours mentioned in the sections of each “Stonehenge Tour: Types of Tours” are well thought out and a smart choice. Choose what you are most comfortable with.

Visitor Informations


The most popular time will be no less than 2.5 hours to see Stonehenge, but feel free to spend as much time as you like exploring the exhibition, Stone Circle, and the wider National Trust.

We will do our best to install it if we can, but once we have reached the maximum time when it arrives, you will have to wait until the next available time.

The shuttle bus runs between the Visiting Center and the Stones every few minutes. The National Trust also maintains a walkway to the ancient site that allows visitors to discover fascinating pre-historic monuments hidden in the area.

No, parking is free for ticket holders. Just come to the Stonehenge site and find a suitable spot to park. Make sure to come a bit early for the tour as it’s a very crowded space.

Once you have packed, go to the Guest Center, where you will be welcomed into the checkpoint and your booking confirmation will be checked. If you order a guide, you can pick this up from the manager. You will be able to visit the show first, or you can choose to visit the stones first and call at the show when you return to the Visitor Center.

You can show us your booking confirmation as a printed item or on your mobile device, but without you, we will not be able to allow you to sign in.

For safety and security reasons, you and your property may be subject to security checks on arrival. This may include scanning the body with a hand detector and searching your wallet. Please allow extra time for your visit and carry only the essentials; this will mean that you can start your tour as soon as possible.

The tourist bus lasts about 5–10 minutes, and the buses run regularly throughout the day.

A well-marked route will direct you from the Tourist Center via the National Trust’s open access point, past the Bronze Age burial mounds on your way. There are several geographical interpretation panels installed everywhere that describe the various features you will see along the way. On your return trip, we have a dedicated route from Stones to the Visitor Center. This is close to the tourist bus route, so please be careful and stay within the passenger trail on the left side of the road. Walking from the tourist center to the rocks and back is about 2.6 miles (4 km) from most of your crossing camps. Please make sure you dress appropriately for the weather, wear sturdy shoes and carry water and sun cream with you.