Why Should You Take the Stonehenge Tour?

Why Should You Take the Stonehenge Tour?

If you’re visiting London, a trip to the Salisbury Plains to see one of the world’s ancient wonders is a must. The archaeological site dates back to 2,600 BC and takes you back to a time of mystery and witchcraft. At City Wonders, we offer an informative Stonehenge guided tour. Here are five reasons why you should visit Stonehenge!

Surrounding Mysteries

The most intriguing aspect of Stonehenge is the mystery that surrounds it. The mystery is not just one, but many as this structure is riddled with mysteries.

While there are legends about beasts that brought these giant stones from a distant land, there are also theories about the stones being placed by ancient engineers. Recent research has suggested that Stonehenge may have been an ancient burial site. The many mysteries make it an exciting place to visit.

Its Incredible Design

Another reason to visit Stonehenge is to see its impressive design. The construction is believed to have occurred in three stages. The first stage involved creating a circular ditch and bank. In the next stage, postholes were dug into the ground and surrounded by a bank. Finally, the stones were erected. The three stages of construction are believed to have taken place over 500 years, between 3,000 BC and 2,500 BC. However, some theories suggest that the construction occurred in six phases and took place until 1,500 BC.

An Unusual Feel

A visit to Stonehenge is a unique experience, likely due to the mysteries surrounding it. Despite this, the site is special in its own right. It was used during the period of development between the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. The alignment of the stones also adds to the ethereal atmosphere, as it has been observed that the structure is aligned with the solstices, allowing the sun’s rays to pass through at certain times of the year. The high level of precision in this alignment is difficult to explain with primitive tools.

Vivid Explorations

At Stonehenge, you can also visit the Visitor Center and exhibition. The Visitors Center houses nearly 300 exhibits, which include valuable archaeological discoveries. Many ancient artefacts were found in the area and were used or incorporated into the construction of Stonehenge. On a Stonehenge day trip, you also get exclusive Stonehenge special access.

Special Exhibits

The Visitor Center also features models that depict the history of Stonehenge and displays of ancient artefacts and modern multimedia presentations to give you a better understanding of the site’s significance. A City Wonders Stonehenge tour from London will provide an in-depth look at the mystery and history of this unique structure with the guidance of an expert guide, as well as other surprises in the open English countryside.

Additionally, you can opt for a Stonehenge VIP tour for an even more intimate experience of the site by paying a little extra.

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